Multiculturalism Leads to Terrorism!

Source: Trud, Bulgaria, April 26

When Merkel, Sarkozy and Cameron first declared that multiculturalism had failed, the “Islamic State” didn’t yet exist. Now thousands of jihadists born in Western Europe are fighting on its behalf. Two thirds of them come from Belgium, Britain, France and Germany….

Neo-liberal capitalism created the ideology of multiculturalism, but it has now only achieved the opposite. Multiculturalism provides a breeding ground for ethnic ghettos, terrorism, nationalism, neo-fascism and the clash of cultures. Multiculturalism has deepened rifts because of the failure of social and economic integration. As a result, societies have become divided along cultural and religious lines. A powder keg has been created, and multiculturalism is the fuse.


5 responses to “Multiculturalism Leads to Terrorism!

  1. Is it possible that the piece confuses association with causation? Pragmatically, what is the alternative to multiculturalism in today’s world?

  2. Michael Gundy

    Isolated immigrants and their host countries are not practicing multiculturalism by remaining separate. True multiculturalism occurs when all parties are engaged with each other and the general cultural institutions. Only then can the respective groups can retain identity yet share common values. Our local imam is a Leafs fan.

  3. But historically, in the big, multicultural cities of North America, immigrants moved into areas where their ethnic predecessors live and enclaves develop. Remember the Marx Brothers movie in which Groucho shows Chico a map and, pointing to the waterfront, says, ” those are the levies”. Chico replies, ” Oh, that’s the Jewish district”.

  4. Multiculturalism, as we Canadians define and understand it, does not lead to terrorism. As Canada has practiced it, it has served as a significant disincentive to practice or support terrorism. Ghetto-ization of minority immigrants and denying them economic opportunities may promote terrorism. Some countries where there is an overwhelming majority that share religion, language, and cultural heritage have a harder time embracing true multiculturalism than “a nation of immigrants”.

  5. Jihadists fighting “on behalf of multiculturalism”? On the contrary, fighting on behalf of their vision of their cultural values, which would destroy ours.
    Seems to me Henry Lotin has it exactly right. I live in New York, so far living successfully in a great mish-mash of ethnic components. Yes, there are ethnic neighborhoods, and always have been. But they are not the poorest neighborhoods, the inhabitants shoved to the outskirts of opportunitiy. With time, for example, the Italians of Little Italy (which really was!) moved out, and spread into the much greener pastures of Long Island, the North Bronx, Staaten Island, and some very fancy New Jersey suburbs. And our best mayor was Italian (I do NOT speak of Guilliani, but of Fiorello LaGuardia). We have many very mixed neighborhoods, Greenwich Village among them. Germany, in contrast, had a horrible record viz a viz the Turkish guest-workers who fueled their economic boom. Where were the mixed neighborhoods there? or in Brussels? Paris? (where now there is at least one such Arrondissment, but too late . . .)
    It’s not Multiculturalism which failed, but the understanding of the Powers That Be on what it really means, and how to implement it.