Climate Refugees

Source: Bruce Cheadle, Canadian Press, April 28

Catherine McKennaFederal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says the key to dealing with climate change in the Arctic is to have “real conversations” with the Inuit peoples who live there.

But Sally Jewell, the U.S. secretary of the interior, has a much blunter assessment, arguing climate impacts are already underway, can’t be turned around and that moving some Arctic communities may be the only solution.

Sally Jewell“We will have climate refugees,” Jewell said Thursday after meeting McKenna at the Museum of History across the Ottawa River from Parliament Hill.


One response to “Climate Refugees

  1. mike holliday

    I get worried when a politician says that a solution to an issue is to have `real conversations’ with people.
    Is Catherine McKenna admitting that in the past she has had false (ie not real) conversations with the Inuit people?
    Experience tells me that this type of response is shorthand for delay and inaction.
    I think Ms McKenna is burying her head in whatever snow there is left.
    In short, it’s a snow job.