London’s New Muslim Mayor

Source: The Independent, May 9

The son of a bus driver and textile worker who grew up on a council estate is officially the Mayor of London. Sadiq Khan’s remarkable rise to the biggest job in the capital makes him not only the first Muslim Mayor of London, but also the bastion of multiculturalism, integration and social mobility.

Khan pleaded with Londoners to choose hope over fear, support him in his quest to make history and stand up against Islamophobia and negative politics. And guess what? That’s exactly what London did….

Let’s rejoice in the fact that London has just shown the rest of the world that hope always overrides negativity and that anyone, from any background, can achieve anything in this amazing city.


2 responses to “London’s New Muslim Mayor

  1. Horace Krever

    Naheed Nenshi, of Calgary, got there first.

  2. Fred Langan

    The new mayor made some great moves including visiting a holocaust memorial and asking why so many women in London wear the Niqab. He also told Donald Trump to take a hike.