A Celebration — Putin Style

Russian miliary paradeRussian military servicewomen march during the military parade on Red Square in Moscow in celebration of the 71st anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in the second world war.

Source: The Guardian, May 11


3 responses to “A Celebration — Putin Style

  1. Josef Eisinger

    The Russians sure know how to equip their armed forces with snazzy uniforms, just look at these mini-skirted and gold-braided chicks – pardon me, service women!

  2. Michael Gundy

    Semyonovsky Life-Guards Regiment was one of the two oldest guards regiments of the Imperial Russian Army established 1683 by Peter the First. In March 1918, the Semyonovsky regiment returned from the front to Petrograd and was disbanded. In 2013, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on re-establishment of the Regiment as a rifle regiment, its name now becoming the 1st Semyonovsky Independent Rifle Regiment.

    This is Putin’s Imperial revival.