White House State Dinner for Canadian Guests

State dinner

March, 2012

First Course: Alaskan Halibut “Casserole” with Crepes, Asparagus, Chanterelles, Baby Onions, and Lardon and Herbed Butter

Second Course: Roasted Apricot Galette with Appalachian Cheese, Heirloom Lettuces, Pine Nut Crisps Pence Chardonnay. “Sebastiano” 2013.

Main Course: Baby Lamb Chops with Yukon Potato Dauphinoise and Fricassee of Spring Vegetables. Cliff Lede “High Fidelity” 2012.

Dessert: Maple Pecan Cake with Cocoa Nib Wafer, Butterscotch Swirl Ice Cream. Chateau Chantal Ice Wine 2013.


3 responses to “White House State Dinner for Canadian Guests

  1. Michael Gundy

    I admire anyone who can pull off a successful four course dinner party serving well over a hundred. Furthermore, the dinner must have themes that are echoed in the wine selections, remain bland to satisfy the picky yet flavourful for the rest. From that perspective no one went away unhappy.

    However, this menu is less than memorable because of its compromises.

  2. Michael Gundy

    “America is a land of healthy appetites. It is not in the American character to live in order to eat. Rather, the reverse is true. Many try, but just as Americans don’t make good gigolos, nether do they make good gourmets.”

    Ludwig Bemelmans

  3. One of the highlights of my Foreign Service Career was being consulted on the President (Bill) Clinton State Dinner Menu (I was one of a very long list), and succeeding in making an addition – Niagara Ice Wine. I had failed at previous attempts to add to a menu when serving on a different “desk” , Indian Ministers didn’t rate high enough back then.

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