CBC Radio and the Zeitgeist

Candy PalmaterCBC Radio is pleased to announce the launch of the Candy Palmater Show (weekdays at 1 p.m./1:30 NT), beginning on Monday, May 30), a two-hour show that will air Monday to Friday.

The press release states that it is “an honest, funny and above all, engaging program. Host Candy Palmater brings her own life experience to the airwaves every weekday afternoon, offering up terrific music and great conversation with her trademark razor-sharp wit. Topics may come from anyone, anywhere, but they’ll all have one thing in common: Candy’s unique perspective.”

Reasonably reliable sources report that Candy is:

A Native Canadian
Brought up by a biker gang
Openly claustrophobic
A large human being
An Advocate for the Canadian Obesity Society
A former corporate lawyer
A huge star in the tattoo world, or, as she describes it, an “art collector of ink”
An advocate for children’s education on all these issues.


7 responses to “CBC Radio and the Zeitgeist

  1. CBC Radio has always made room for unique people. Rosie the Clown campaigned to be mayor of Toronto before becoming host of the Vicki Gabereau show. Herb Gott (host of Who’s Herb Gott?) had no arms. Can other Sketches readers come up with more examples?

  2. Yes, many: Heads of departments, such as design, who never attended art school. Supervisors of production, who had never set foot, even on a kindergarten stage. The best yet: The ex BBC doorman who found his way to the CBC in the position of a respected producer of varied shows.
    The list goes on …………..

  3. Fred Langan

    It makes me feel so boring and ordinary. But I suppose that’s the idea. Also, I haven’t a clue what Zeitgeist means.

  4. Michael Gundy

    Candy Palmater has just earned a place on my list of comprising “My Perfect Dinner Party Guests”. For example, she could enlighten me how the words “tattoo” and “art” can be in the same sentence.

  5. Congratulations to the CBC! I’m only sorry that her broadcasts are limited to radio.

  6. Peter Rehak

    I think Fred L. should get a tattoo to feel more at home in contemporary Canada :))

  7. King townsend

    Was Max ferguson not an unlikely star when he introduced Rawhide and the Rawhide Players to eventually adoring listeners?