In Memoriam: George Jonas

June 15, 1935 to January 10, 2016

George JonasA celebration of the life of the journalist and poet took place yesterday at the University of Toronto.

“Educating people beyond their intellectual means is a disservice to humanity. A clueless person who knows little is a nuisance; a clueless person who knows a lot is a menace.” — George Jonas


4 responses to “In Memoriam: George Jonas

  1. Michael Gundy

    Ah, the entertaining Mr. Jonas to the end. What a wonderful bit of ironic humour, masked as pomposity!

  2. Fred Langan

    A man whose views were anathema to most of the readers here, with at least one exception.

  3. Michael Gundy

    Dear George; can we not let the dim at least try? After all “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for?” Browning

  4. The times sure are achngin: George’s byline is missing in the National Post.
    I don’t see him shmoozing with his pals at the Coffee Mill, on Saturday mornings. The Coffee Mill itself is, but a memory.