Brexit and Climate Change

Source: The Guardian, June 16

British people backing a leave vote in the EU referendum are almost twice as likely to believe that climate change does not have a human cause, according to a new poll.

Brexiters are more likely to think the media exaggerates how settled climate science is; distrust scientists; have sympathy with creationism; oppose onshore windfarms and support fracking.

The findings come in a ComRes poll of 1,618 people evenly split between those intending to vote out and in.

Many prominent leave campaigners are either openly opposed to action on climate change or have cast doubt on man’s role in it, including former chancellor Nigel Lawson, former environment secretary Owen Paterson and columnist Matthew Ridley.


One response to “Brexit and Climate Change

  1. mike holliday

    I bet they also believe the countries that used to constitute the commonwealth are jumping with joy at the thought of a resurgent Britain reclaiming its rightful place as the leader of the trading bloc.