News from Buckingham Palace: Prince William Ticked Off

Royal FamilySource: Huffington Post, June 19

He may be second-in-line to the throne but that doesn’t stop Prince William’s grandmother from giving him a right royal ticking off. The extraordinary moment was captured on camera at Her Majesty’s official 90th birthday celebrations last weekend.

The Duke of Cambridge was crouched down on the balcony of Buckingham Palace speaking to his young son, Prince George, when the Queen appeared to say to him: “Stand up, William.”

When the Duke didn’t hear her, she then gave him a tap on the shoulder and motioned to him to stand. And he quickly obeyed.


3 responses to “News from Buckingham Palace: Prince William Ticked Off

  1. I believe he was reaching for this.

  2. There once was a young prince named Willie
    Surrounded by women dressed frilly
    When he bend down to sip
    He felt a sharp clip
    Won’t do that again soon, now will he!