The Appeal of Owning the AR 15 Assault Weapon

Source: Patrik Jonsson in the Christian Science Monitor, June 17

…In Brooksville, a small town north of Tampa, Fla., Mr. Champion says violent crime like rape and home invasions are rare – though some data suggest the violent crime rate is above the national average. Champion offers one explanation for the feeling of safety he says characterizes the town: “We’re all armed.”

To Champion, the AR-15 has wide appeal because everyone from hobbyists to hunters enjoys shooting it.

“What’s good about it is that the ammo is cheap – 30 cents on the dollar compared to any hunting round – it’s accurate from 200 yards, you can hunt with them, they’re versatile, they’re good for home defense, it’s easy to maintain, easy to take down, you can spiff it out with new quad rails, lights, lasers – it’s a fun thing to do,” he says.

And he suggests there is another benefit: “The reason a lot of these countries don’t attack us more directly is because we have hundreds of millions of guns in private hands. Go to any small town in Texas or Florida and you don’t see crime…because if anyone tries it, they’re going to get…shot.”


4 responses to “The Appeal of Owning the AR 15 Assault Weapon

  1. Vera Rosenbluth

    Oy gewalt! (as my grandfather used to say)

  2. Paul Knutson

    A while a go there was a programme on the BBC World Service investigating the love of guns in the US, and the reporter was in some town in Texas interviewing people. One person said that guns gave them freedom. The reporter asked “Freedom to do what.” Pause. “Buy guns.”

  3. mike holliday

    Your opening paragraph says it all. Mr Champion thinks his community is law abiding, but the statistical evidence shows otherwise.
    You can’t use statistical data to persuade people like Mr Champion that their gun ownership increases the risk of violence.
    To them, crazy, armed killers don’t stand a chance – Mr Champion and his community would shoot them before they had a chance to cause carnage,
    Facts don’t change that viewpoint.
    That’s their belief. Their fancy. They think they are Gary Cooper, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood rolled into one.
    For them logic cannot trump emotion.

  4. Another advantage to firing an AR-15 is that if you miss what you’re shooting at, you’re very likely to hit something else!