If Brexit Triumphs…

Source: Nick Cohen in The Spectator, June 19

…I myself have many problems with liberal culture and its arrant double standards, and appreciate the democratic case for leaving a decaying EU. But I would not vote for our new nationalists. I know hucksters when I see them. When he argued in favour of a representative parliament, Burke warned of the dangers of politicians becoming “bidders at an auction of popularity…. Flatterers instead of legislators; the instruments, not the guides, of the people.”

He forgot to add that the worst fate that could befall political flatterers is to win….

If Brexit triumphs and – contrary to its proponents’ assurances – jobs go, workers’ rights disappear and living standards fall, if our enemies everywhere make their delight clear that Britain has turned its back on the world, if all the promises of a magic money tree turn out to be as fraudulent now as they ever were, right-wing populists will learn what true populist anger looks like.

Brexit voters won’t blame themselves. Voters never do. They will blame the politicians and pundits who made them look like fools. Common sense will turn into communal rage as those who have accused everyone else of lying will be revealed as the greatest liars of all.


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