Two Counter Intuitions

Is it not strange that a few million Americans are prepared to vote for Trump when the image of his face is in dramatic contrast to what the movies and advertisers consider acceptably attractive?

Is it not strange that young Britons are more pro-EU than old Britons?


3 responses to “Two Counter Intuitions

  1. mike holliday

    1: No it is not strange. The established political powers have so analysed and refined their pre-selection processes that they have produced a class of people who are so similar in their appearance, speech and policies that ordinary folk have rebelled. The vast majority of voters now believe that all politicians are liars and avaricious and anything that looks different – even Trump – is a welcome change.
    2: No, it is not strange. Older Britons have less desire or ability to move to take advantage of the benefits of union with Europe than do younger Britons. Those younger Britons have less in the way of commitments investment in(house and family for instance) and more in the way of an up-to-date education that enables to fit into this computer age.
    Plus the older Britons probably have a greater suspicion of France (the old enemy) and Germany.
    I visited Briton five years ago and loved it, but was amazed that just about everywhere the dominant theme of British identity involved the Second World War.

  2. Jan Krouzil

    1. May be due to those Americans who can still tell the difference between the face, the words, and the meaning behind them.
    2. May be due to younger Britons being less history-burdened, more ‘carefree’ and hence nation-unbound.

  3. 1. Trump’s a man. Only women are judged harshly in that department.