The Maniacs of Disintegration

Nigel FarageNigel Farage celebrating in London on Friday.

Source: Josef Bittner, political editor, Die Zeit; reprinted in The New York Times, June 26


…Our future is in danger of being taken away by the maniacs of disintegration.

A YouGov poll conducted in the run-up to the British referendum showed that the vote for Brexit was very much one of the old against the young. The older the voter, the more he or she was inclined to leave. Some 64 percent of the age group from 18 to 24 said they would vote for Remain; just 35 percent of those between 50 and 64 wanted to stay.

We – the young, optimistic millions across Europe – cannot lose the West to Mr. Farage and his ilk, to demagogues who have actually much more in common with the scapegoating culture of the Arab world they so despise than with the enlightened, rational tradition of Europe….

The British vote feels momentous, but we will most likely look back at it as merely the first in a series of fights for the soul of Europe. The outpouring of anger and anti-establishment aggression in Europe has only begun. The next countries where the political bulldozers see their chances to act out their long-kept lust for demolition are the Netherlands and France.

We can no longer think of reconciliation between the opposing views of destruction and progress. The angry old men will not be mollified; their xenophobia cannot be controlled or channeled into constructive cooperation. We, the young, the future of Europe, must push back. Too much time has been lost already.


6 responses to “The Maniacs of Disintegration

  1. If Brexit is truly a turning point in the Memorable History of England we need successors to Sellar and Yeatman to write “2016 And All That” to tell us whether it is a GOOD THING and add one more to their “2 GENUINE DATES”.

  2. Henry Lotin

    What will Brexit supporters do to their leaders once the reality sets in about Scotland + Ireland leaving the no longer United Kingdom (bringing new land borders with EU), AND not being able to materially reduce migration/immigration? Time to watch another rerun of “Barbarians Rising” on History Channel. A true bloody mess!
    P.S. Expect a spike of immigration of best and brightest from UK to Canada.

    • …and, as the madness to our south continues to heat up, from the Freaked-Out States of America.

  3. mike holliday

    The best and brightest leaving the UK for Canada. In essence they had already gone.
    They flocked to the south east of England and from their London stronghold of wealth, privilege and power, they scorned the rest of England.
    The European leaders who visited the country did not get out of the south-east corner and so were totally surprised when the country as a whole rejected the European Union.
    Why did England vote that way? Because the vast bulk of the country did not benefit from the Union, but actually regarded the Union as the source of most of their ills.
    The European leaders who regarded London and its surrounds as `England’ bear some of the blame, but the greatest damage was done by English politicians themselves.
    They first ignored the plight of the north, the west and most of the midlands, and at the same time blamed Brussels for all the things going wrong in the country.
    They failed to tackle unemployment, poverty and a housing shortage and then accepted rampant immigration.
    The whole toxic mess exploded in their faces when England went to vote. Surprise, surprise!

    • High praise for stating so well a view I had not seen expressed elsewhere.

      • Henry Lotin

        While it is true that UK politicians “failed to tackle unemployment, poverty and a housing shortage”, they also failed to articulate the tangible benefits UK citizens obtain from the EU, including from immigration, which is not rampant. The inequities root cause is the tax system, a common problem with U.S., rest of EU and Canada. Profits and tax base has moved offshore and benefits accrue disproportionally to the elites.