Olivia de Havilland — A Hundred Today

Olivia de HavillandShe is no ordinary Hollywood survivor. The Oscar-winning actress is celebrating her 100th birthday as the last surviving female superstar from the golden era of movies. Her chief male competitor, Kirk Douglas, will join the centenarian club in December, but de Havilland made her screen debut more than 10 years before him.

De Havilland decamped to Paris for the sake of marriage to her second husband, Paris Match editor Pierre Galante. Her novel, Every Frenchman Has One – named for the Gallic preoccupation with the liver as locus of ill health – compiles its author’s observations of the vagaries of expat life. In its day, her book was a best seller. It has been re-issued.

To see this classic movie star in action, you can tune in to Turner Classic Movies on Friday nights in July. TCM has named de Havilland its star of the month.


One response to “Olivia de Havilland — A Hundred Today

  1. Fred Langan

    Olivia de Havilland has a niece living in Toronto. A beautiful woman she would be in her late 60s. We were friends 30 some odd years ago.