World War Two Refought

Source: “England’s last gasp at empire” by Ben Judah, in The New York Times, July 12

Brexit: …The key is not sovereignty but a rejection of ethnic change….

Part of the reason is that the messaging of the Leave campaign suggested that Britain was under a camouflaged German diktat. A majority of those I met thought a tide of immigration from the European Union was imminent – thanks, they believed, to impending Turkish membership.

This made the Brexit referendum eerily similar in emotional content to last year’s bailout referendum in Greece, which encompassed a similar psychodrama of World War II refought.


One response to “World War Two Refought

  1. Henry Lotin

    Pro-Brexit campaign was race baiting anti-immigration. The sad irony here is that while Turkey was mentioned, many pro Brexit voters believed they could send immigrants they did not like home to non-EU countries. BBC even suggest Indian Immigrants thought they could get more of their family in the UK , if Brexit reduced EU immigration. Sad mess. Expect spike of immigration to Canada of skilled Britons.