Boris Johnson: Panache and Brio

Boris JohnsonSource: The Daily Telegraph, July 14

This could turn out to be an inspired appointment – imaginative, clever, bold and offering Britain just the voice it needs at a time of major rebalancing of our foreign policy. For it is imperative that we make clear to the world that Brexit does not mean shrivelling into a crabbed little island off the north-west coast of Europe….

Diplomats need to exude as never before confidence and optimism about Britain’s future outside the EU. This is no time to hunker down in a defensive crouch. Britain’s diplomats need a shot of adrenaline that only Mr Johnson, with his panache and brio, can provide at this crucial point in our history.


4 responses to “Boris Johnson: Panache and Brio

  1. Elisabeth Ecker

    This is one way of looking at it!

  2. Henry Lotin

    Maybe he can ask to borrow Hollande’s barber?…. Understand the Conservative Party balance, but assume he is toxic in EU circles..

  3. Paul Knutson

    Boris has written an amusing column for the source (Daily Telegraph) for years based on lies and distortions about the EU. He is witty and amusing.
    But he is not someone you would trust, to even say the right thing. So, the DT may be trying to crow a bit. But the reality is that BoJo now has to sort out tricky relations with people who he’s managed to upset over the years.
    I know he’s not as clever as he thinks he is. Hopefully he’s clever enough to not screw things up completely. My guess is he’ll display his incompetence and get fired.

  4. mike holliday

    Paul mirrors my fears. Boris is not as clever as he thinks he is. He’s a shoot from the lip smart-arse whose major claim to fame is to champion inflammatory (and in many cases incorrect) ideas.
    I say `champion’ but Boris’s courage might also be suspect. His behaviour once his Brexit campaign triumphed was truly uninspiring.