The Views of a Pro-Trump Muslim

Source: Suhail Khan, conservative activist, Chairman of the Conservative Inclusion Coalition, Washington, DC, Al Jazeera, July 23

I am a Muslim. I am an American and I support my fellow Americans, who treat me the same. I don’t feel a bit of discrimination. In America, being a Muslim isn’t a hindrance, and I’m proud to tell you that. Why support Trump? The answer is clear: just look at the situation in the greater Middle East; from Libya to Afghanistan, there is tremendous bloodshed, beheadings, rape, sex slaving. This is not what I’d like to see.

The one nation that is supposed to preserve the dignity of mankind for the rest of world has failed to lead and to adjudicate the problems. If people want this to continue, they can vote for [Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary] Clinton.

If they want someone with vision, charisma and an ability to make decisions then the answer is Trump. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Trump is trying to serve the people and [that] he has no negative stance on Muslims.­­­


2 responses to “The Views of a Pro-Trump Muslim

  1. mike holliday

    Nice sentiments, but troubling. Successive Democratic Presidents have had to deal with the aftermath of decisions taken by more war minded Republican administrations.
    Too often America has thrown good lives after good lives in an effort to extract the US from battlegrounds it had no cause to be in in the first place.
    Obama tried to break this mould, but probably too slowly for fear of being accused of cowardice and betrayal of those who had already paid the ultimate price.
    It was at least a small step in the right direction and it suggested that at least some people realised that the hatred directed at America, especially by radical Islamists, is a direct response to misguided attempts to halt violence that has existed for a thousand years.
    Historic hatreds can’t be stoped by a powerful country taking sides – that will only encourage greater and more widespread violence.

  2. Elisabeth Ecker

    Mike, I could not have said it better!