One for In, One for Out

Source: Jonathan Freedland in “A Howl of Rage,” in the New York Review of Books, August 18, 2016

Boris Johnson…[Boris] Johnson, a former editor of The Spectator who still writes a column for The Telegraph, confessed that he had drafted two pieces – one for in and one for out – and only decided which one to publish at the last moment. Few were in any doubt that his motive was selfish: he wanted to replace Cameron as Tory leader and prime minister, and knew that posing as the scourge of Brussels provided the shortest route to Tory hearts….


3 responses to “One for In, One for Out

  1. Michael Gundy

    At what point did we, collectively, start to not take dear Boris seriously?

    I am reminded of the phrase, “Jumping the shark” which is a pejorative idiom used to describe a moment of television in which there is a gimmick or unlikely occurrence that is seen as a desperate attempt to keep viewers’ interest. It now has grown to include other entertainments such as politics.

  2. mike holliday

    Living on the other side of the world means the ongoing soap known as Boris largely passed unnoticed.
    What little I did see or hear did not impress. I saw a plum-in-the-mouth person with an inflated air of` `born to rule’ who did stupid things to gain publicity and who looked as though (as my gran would have said) ‘he had been dragged through a hedge backwards.’
    I never took Boris seriously and it’s an indictment on the UK, its media, people and politics that he ever had any credibility with voters.
    As it is, you’ve made your bed and (to quote gran again) `you’ve got to lie in it.’
    Sweet dreams.

  3. Boris is not stupid and he is highly amusing. He would never play in Canada. We are far too boring. Boris is not Trump and Brexit isn’t the end of the world, though I would have voted to stay, as my daughter in London did.
    The two gentlemen above think he’s finished, but that’s the view from here. And forget the class thing; he went to Eton but he isn’t rich. He does sway with the wind. He is part Turkish and once upon a time he was in favour of letting Turkey in.