Putin and Erdoğan Meet in St. Petersburg

Putin and Erdoğan

Source: Echo (Belgium)
This rapprochement between Turkey and Russia could signal the slow but sure emergence of a new balance of power in which the West and its values play only a secondary role. Europe faces huge demographic problems and has endured crisis after crisis. Turkey and Russia, two major military powers enjoying economic growth, have taken advantage of this weakness to push through their authoritarian model on the geopolitical chessboard. There is a great risk that a growing number of emerging countries will also shun the democratic model in favour of such authoritarianism.”

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Source: Avenire (Italy)
The reasons for this second Russian-Turkish marriage are strategic in nature. Both countries border on the Black Sea, which has become one of the centres of US geopolitics, starting with Ukraine, which the White House wanted to extract from Moscow’s sphere of influence…. Russia and Turkey are too big and too strong to come to terms with being mere vassals but they are not big and strong enough to be able to compete on a par with the US. So isn’t it only natural that they should join forces? …The same is happening in the Middle East. Putin wants Assad to stay put in Syria, while Erdoğan wants him to go. Now the two leaders are seeking a compromise. Assad could go into exile in Moscow and make way for a successor whom the country’s neighbours approve of. For pragmatic reasons and above all out of geopolitical necessity.

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Source: Daily Sabah (Turkey)
We are stepping into a new and multipolar world where countries like Turkey will determine the fate of their own regions and contribute to the functioning of the global system. This is why Erdoğan reiterates that “The world is bigger than five” [UN Security Council Members] at every occasion…. The advocates of the old world did not pay much attention to Putin and his Eurasian union project. This was because a Eurasian union that excluded Turkey would not go beyond a small cartoon of a new, but rotten Soviet Union. Now, however, there is an opportunity to achieve a Eurasian union that is supported by Turkey….


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