Fidel at Ninety

Fidel CastroSource: Jerusalem Post, August 13
Thousands partied along Havana’s Malecon seafront into the early hours of Saturday, celebrating retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro turning 90 to the tune of Latin beats as an electric storm in the distance lit up the night sky. On the strike of midnight, a live band played “Happy Birthday” in honor of the iconic leftist revolutionary on the “Anti-imperialist Tribune,” a plaza located outside the newly-opened U.S. embassy, while fireworks exploded on the other side of the bay.

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Source: New York Times, August 13
In a lengthy letter published in state media [Castro wrote], “I want to express my deepest gratitude for the shows of respect, greetings and praise that I’ve received in recent days, which give me strength to reciprocate with ideas that I will send to party militants and relevant organizations…. Modern medical techniques have allowed me to scrutinize the universe.” Castro stepped down as Cuba’s president 10 years ago after suffering a severe gastrointestinal illness.


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