The Fall of Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen was the legendary head of CBC Drama in the late forties and early fifties.

A short story about Andrew Allen by Eric Koch, taken from his book New Beginnings, has been recorded as a radio drama podcast by Expect Theatre. You can listen to the story online.

Reader: Barbara Budd
Producer: Laura Mullin, Co-Artistic Director, Expect/Spark


4 responses to “The Fall of Andrew Allen

  1. David Schatzky

    Wonderful story telling, masterfully performed!

    An intriguing glimpse into the early glory days of the CBC.

    One small quibble: Is it Eric or Andrew who believe/d that the writer isn’t as important in television drama as it is in radio? It’s true that teamwork is essential in television, but a flowing, engaging script, well-crafted, with plausible characters and crackling believable dialogue have always been central for television plays to succeed. All of that depends on very good writing.

    • Yes, but in CBC television drama the writer’s writing was never sacrosanct as it was for Andrew. Nor, of course, in Hollywood.

  2. Brilliant stuff Eric.
    I googled Alan and his second wife is from a Montreal family whose history I am working on. Appears among other things he was a successful social climber.

  3. Terrific podcast Eric. Barbara is wonderful and she had such a great script to perform.