An Attack on the Leaning Tower of Pisa Prevented

Tower of PisaSource: Russian Television, August 13

An Italian court has ordered the expulsion of a Tunisian national suspected of planning an attack on the leaning tower of Pisa, Italian media reported. He was also accused of praising militants that had carried out terrorist attacks in Western Europe.

Bilel Chiahoui was arrested on Thursday in a wooded area between the cities of Pisa and Livorno after an 8-hour-long search in which 100 police officers took part, La Stampa reported.

The police operation was prompted by a Facebook post in Arabic, which listed the names of “martyr” jihadists and ended with Chiahoui’s name, date of birth (February 12, 1990), and supposed date of death (August 11, 2016), while noting that he had died in Pisa, La Stampa reported. The post was said to be from Chiahoui’s Facebook account, which was registered under the false name “Rafael van der Vaart” – the same as the famous Dutch soccer player’s.


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