Anybody but Trump…

Source: Washington Post, August 24

After discussing Hillary Clinton’s e-mail issues and her problematical relationship to the Clinton Foundation, Jennifer Rubin concludes:

“…Yes, Clinton will ‘get away with it,’ in the sense that the foundation antics in all likelihood won’t land her in jail or cost her the presidency. But it does further diminish her. It makes the public more cynical and therefore governance that much harder. That means voters are once again the losers.

Finally, it cannot be said enough: Republicans would be winning easily against this deeply flawed opponent with virtually any other candidate but Trump. The sheer stupidity of the Republican primary electorate’s decision and of the reaction of party leadership, which could have blocked or dumped him, is more maddening than even Hillary Clinton’s shadiness.


4 responses to “Anybody but Trump…

  1. Jennifer Rubin is the Washington Post’s house conservative along with George Will. Her writings are a triumph of the obvious.

  2. Of course the Trump campaign is a giant target-rich environment. But surely the same could/would have been said of a Ted Cruz effort. He was pretty scary.

  3. Scarier than Trump because Trump has so many personality problems and is the far easier target. But Cruz is more dangerous, because more rigid.