Please Be Serious!

This can mean either of two things, or both:

1. Don’t be frivolous. No jokes, please.
2. Don’t play games.

The first meaning is clear. The second requires elaboration.

Whenever we have freedom of action, we play games. We can either win them or lose them. It is not serious when we lose. We can always try again. This applies to many things – to love, business, politics, science, art, sport and to everyday decision-making. None of it is serious.

It does not apply to religious questions, nor to illness or death. That  is serious.

No jokes, please.


4 responses to “Please Be Serious!

  1. King Townsend

    Please be cogent. Seriously .

  2. Thank you for recommending play to us, but I wonder if you are right to exclude religious questions. Are we not the playthings of the gods?

  3. Michael Gundy

    “But seriously folks”….Henny Youngman

  4. mike holliday

    I hope there’s a point to this. Being asked to be serious means just that – that you determine your actions and statements only after careful consideration of all the facts and opinions you can muster. That does not preclude some frivolity. It does ask that you have a clear line between those things that are serious, and those that might lighten the atmosphere. I wonder whether Donald Trump has such a division in his life.