A Spanish View of the Refugee Problem

Source: ABC, August 26

…Merkel has seen for herself that a large part of Europe rejects her plans to take in immigrants who don’t want to integrate and whose cultural and religious values are seen as incompatible with a democratic and open society….

In the West a different wind was blowing: all those who want a multicultural society mobilized there….

So there we have them: the militant left that gets angry about crucifixes in classrooms and the so-called moderate Muslims that somehow never manage to mobilize against the massacres carried out by their radical religious brothers….

Western Europe’s politically correct media machine is trying to stamp out France’s initial reaction to this invasion of repressive symbols in its public spaces. In Eastern Europe, driven by a sense of national self-preservation, they are determined to avoid the same fate.


2 responses to “A Spanish View of the Refugee Problem

  1. “Source: ABC, August 26” — I’m guessing this is Australian Broadcasting Corp, not American. Yes?