The Milk of Amnesia

The rise of Trump, Brexit and last Sunday’s setback for Angela Merkel raise the question whether the major parties in the U.S. and Europe grasp the fundamental problems facing their societies.

Could it be that the governing political and economic systems are to blame?

Let us not blame the voters and say that they are suffering from forgetfulness because they have drunk too much milk of amnesia.

Vox populi vox dei.

It is not a question of memory but of comprehension.


One response to “The Milk of Amnesia

  1. I don’t think I’ve heard any elected leader honest enough to define the problem caused when every productive industry is geared to eliminating the bulk of their workforce.
    Employment intensive industries have gone or are rapidly going and politicians promote the myth that service industries can create sufficient jobs to meet the needs of the workforce.
    The professions are next in line for a cull as computerisation enables international competition and baristas and gardeners etc can soak up only a fraction of the unemployment pool in a society where only a small number of people have money to buy coffees and carers.
    I wonder if perhaps the last time this happened in the west was when Rome was awash with slaves?