Wage Gap: Men and Women

Source: The New York Times, September 17

The latest New York Times/CBS News poll looked closely at women’s political views and broader outlook on American life, as well as how the wider society views the role of women. The survey found that women think more progress has been made toward ending sexism than racism in society. They value motherhood more than marriage. They think that sexual harassment is a significant issue in the workplace. And they think the greatest problem facing American women is inequality in pay and career opportunities.

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The Situation in Canada

Source: Canadian Press, September 15

A global education study reveals larger-than-average earning gaps between Canadian men and women, but that narrows as women pursue higher levels of study.

The report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development analyzed data from 35 member countries and 11 partner countries. Among 25- to 64-year-olds with less than a Grade 11 education, Canadian women earned 61 per cent of what men earned in 2014, compared with the 76 per cent average across OECD countries.

Canadian women who achieved post-secondary studies fared a bit better at 72 per cent of what men earned, which is comparable to the OECD average of 73 per cent.


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