The Prize


The winner of the election following last night’s debate will be able to use stationary with this emblem as letterhead after the inauguration on January 20, 2017.

So will you if you copy and paste.


6 responses to “The Prize

  1. Letterhead I
    There now is a vacuous goon
    Who’s close to the oval-shaped room
    With letterhead blue
    He’ll do what he’ll do
    And send everyone to their doom

  2. Letterhead II
    “It’s a beautiful thing” he exclaimed
    When he got his small paws on the ream
    He added some gilt and a scrolled monogram
    To give it some glitz and some bling

    With nothing to say in his puffed orange head
    Except “I am great” or “You’re fired”
    He left it all blank and praised his thick self:
    With flash, there’s no content required!

  3. There was a young boy called Trump.
    There was a young man called Trump.
    He was so poor he’d had only one mump.
    The reason was rhyme,
    His face was pure slime
    He never got over the hump.

    • Good gravy. You really got me started. It’s hard to stop. The guy is just so inspiring.

      Trump Trump
      On the campaign stump
      A “hole in a rump”

      Chump Chump
      No time for a frump
      With silicone gel
      He likes them plumped

      What Trump’ll dump!
      Let’s hope for a slump
      Too much mess
      For any sump pump

  4. If you play bridge, the best play is often No trump. And string players often wish for no trumpet. And a celibate’s slogan — no strumpet?