Monday’s Debate Between Beauty and the Beast

A few weeks ago the question was raised in this blog how it was possible that a man with Donald Trump’s face, which differed so markedly from the norm of an acceptable male face as presented by advertisers and the movies, could have done so well during this campaign.

One of the answers was that this question was profoundly naive. It was because of this difference that he had done so well. The discrepancy demonstrated his distance from the conventional politicians who had ruined America.

Could that be true?


3 responses to “Monday’s Debate Between Beauty and the Beast

  1. If the premise is that physical appearance is a significant factor in political success, is there a respectable body of evidence to support it?

  2. Here’s a graphic and quasi-musical illustration of The Trump Difference:

  3. This, from the distaff side: I don’t understand the question. Name ONE attractive male US presidential candidate, besides Obama, Romney and Kennedy (and perhaps, in his day, depending on your taste, Reagan). Or are we just talking hair-dos?