The Victory of Pop

Source: Stuart Jeffreys, The Guardian, September 9


“The pop hegemony is all but complete, its superstars dominating the media and wielding the economic might of tycoons,” wrote the New Yorker critic Alex Ross. “They live full time in the unreal realm of the mega-rich, yet they hide behind a folksy façade, wolfing down pizza at the Oscars and cheering sports teams from VIP boxes….

“Opera, dance, poetry and the literary novel are still called ‘elitist,’ despite the fact that the world’s real power has little use for them. The old hierarchy of high and low has become a sham: pop is the ruling party.”


2 responses to “The Victory of Pop

  1. As for the classical music, vocal and performative media, one way to keep ‘the pop hegemony’ at bay is to tune in to

  2. mike holliday

    Governments give vast amounts of taxpayer dollars (and euros) into supporting the elite activities that the ordinary folk long ago abandoned in favour of `art’ that appeals to them.
    If it’s so good, so entertaining, so lively, so skilful, so brilliant, so appealing, why does it not pay for itself.