The Secret Language of George Soros: Esperanto

Source: David Mikics in Tablet Magazine, October 26

George SorosGeorge Soros is that rarest of birds, a denaskulo (native speaker of Esperanto).

The name Soros, Esperanto for “will soar,” was chosen by Tivadar Soros, George’s father, who wrote a novel and a memoir in Esperanto. After escaping from a Siberian POW camp during the Russian Civil War, Tivadar Soros founded an Esperanto club in Irkutsk before making his way back to his native Hungary. When he and George left Hungary in 1947, their first stop was an Esperanto convention in Bern, Switzerland. Later that year, George Soros made speeches about world peace from the Esperanto speakers’ stand in London’s Hyde Park.

Soros’s philanthropic career, his interest in global cooperation, and his wish to be a universalist benefactor rather than a pleader for Jewish causes were surely influenced by the ideals of the Esperanto movement.


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  1. Josef Eisinger

    I did not know that the Esperato movement still survives. In the 1920s it was very popular in Germany and it was often discussed at the Einsteins’ dinner table.

  2. Tre interesa. Dankon!

  3. Interesting! Although I expected a CBC-related post today! — since it is 80 years ago today (Nov. 2, 1936) that CBC Radio made its first broadcast.

  4. Fascinating.t