German Elites — Post-Trumpian Role Models

Source: Joris Luyendijk, NRC Handelsblad, Netherlands, November 15

Three cheers for the German elites. It’s not that there aren’t any fortune seekers, charlatans, troublemakers spreading conspiracy theories or neo-Nazis in German politics. On the contrary….

But the German elites of the post-war era are still successfully preventing charismatic sirens, cynics and racist demagogues from taking the limelight….

German politicians are team players who are guided by their sense of responsibility. For decades Anglo-Saxon commentators and journalists have mocked this policy of consensus, calling it boring and grey. Now we know what the alternatives are. Those who treat democracy as if it were part of the entertainment industry end up with Trump and Brexit. This is the big lesson of 2016.


2 responses to “German Elites — Post-Trumpian Role Models

  1. Joseph Stiglitz says the German elites are puritanical scolds who are ruining Europe. They expect everyone to live frugally and are forcing Greeks, Italians and Spaniards into real hardship.
    So this sanctimonious Dutchman can revel in his sense of superiority all the way to the Italian exit. If the Germans had thrown David Cameron a crumb he might not have called the referendum. You could argue that the Germans are wrecking Europe.
    How’s that for a contrarian view?

    • Stiglitz is probably right. The fact remains that so far Trumpism has not threatened the German establishment and the EU is still breathing and the Italians are still loyal. One cheer for the sanctimonious Dutchman.