A Suggestion for Select Corporate Leaders

We don’t know whether President-Elect Donald Trump intends to use tweets and other social media to communicate with the world once he has been inaugurated. If he does he will be criticized by many who do not consider social media adequate for serious and substantial communications.

To protect him from such criticism it is suggested that the three or four corporate owners of social media meet for a sumptuous dinner during the Christmas season and agree not to carry presidential messages on their systems after the inauguration, on the grounds that such practices would be incompatible with the dignity of the White House.

Conventional media would not be affected by such a decision, nor would it raise any issue of journalistic ethics.


3 responses to “A Suggestion for Select Corporate Leaders

  1. David Schatzky

    Sadly, we live in a post-dignity era. Dignity doesn’t mean much to the hoi polloi. Who are the hoi polloi? Those who have to Google hoi polloi to find out what it means, but wouldn’t bother.

    • Of course you are right, David, but the owners of the social media are not members of the hoi polo but of the One Percent.

      • The latest edition of The Economist has an article on the one percent. To be in the richest one per cent in the world one only has to have a net worth, including real estate, of US$744,000, which is just under one million Canadian. I would guess that includes most readers of this blog. The owners of social media firms would be the .01%.