EU Urges Social Media Giants to Act on Hate Speech

Source: Christian Science Monitor, December 5, 2016         

The European Union issued an executive warning to US tech giants, including Facebook and Twitter, on Sunday, saying they must act faster to crack down on online hate speech or face legislative measures forcing them to do so.

The urging from the European Commission, the EU’s executive branch, comes six months after the companies, which also include Microsoft and Google’s YouTube, agreed to a voluntary code of conduct to review, and delete at their discretion, suspected hate speech in Europe….

The code is meant to encourage companies to become more vigilant at removing content that violates their own terms of service but that doesn’t necessarily violate European law. The problem for civil liberty groups such as [Brussels-based, nonprofit, digital advocacy organization] Access Now is that companies may monitor for and remove content merely because it’s controversial and they feel they face a liability by leaving it online, says Estelle Massé, the EU policy analyst with Access Now.


2 responses to “EU Urges Social Media Giants to Act on Hate Speech

  1. Jerry tostevin

    I met you a couple of months during a visit to Ed Weiss at the retirement home.
    Today, coincidentally, I had just laid down ‘The Man ‘who Knew Charlie Chaplin’ when I ran across the article by Alex Ross in this week’s New Yorker – ‘The Frankfurt School Knew Trump Was Coming’. Web site:
    quote: Adorno concluded that the “culture industry,” as he and Horkheimer called it, was replicating fascist methods of mass hypnosis
    I wasn’t aware of the Adorno/Horkheimer book. Can’t say we weren’t warned.