Christians in the Middle East Need Their Own State

Source: El País – Spain, December 13, 2016

Original Sykes Picot Agreement, signed May 8, 1916

A hundred years ago, France and Britain divided up the Middle East between themselves in the secret Sykes-Picot agreement. Perhaps the borders defined back then should be redrawn and the Christians given their own state, El País
reflects: “When the system collapsed after the invasion of Iraq and the Arab Spring everything changed. The systematic and daily killing of Christians in the Middle East proves that the Sykes-Picot division doesn’t work. And now, as then, this is not a problem for the West. While the IS is resuscitating the Abbasid Caliphate of the year 750, the Kurds have effectively established their own country. Perhaps we should start thinking about a new state that protects the Christians, defends them and provides them with refuge. They won’t keep asking for help that never comes.”



One response to “Christians in the Middle East Need Their Own State

  1. The story of Christianity is every bit as bloody and filled with internal bastardry as the story of Islam.
    We look with wonder at the violence taking place within the Muslim community, but conveniently forget that for centuries Christians behaved in exactly the same internecine way.
    European Christians have seldom supported eastern Christians and in most cases have actively worked against them.
    Constantine’s capital would today probably still be known as Constantinople had the crusaders not so savagely destroyed its defensive ability, weakening the city so severely that decades later it fell to the Muslim invader.
    All those great Christian holy places were condemned to Islamic rule because weakening eastern Christians suited and advantaged
    western Christians.
    Now its proposed to ignore more than a thousand years of betrayal and bastardry and bolster eastern Christianity and other people such as the Kurds.
    Imagine for a moment how well that will go down, not just with Muslims, but with the Christians and Kurds and others who, for countless generations have been abandoned and betrayed.
    Stop fiddling with others peoples lives. Your history of intervention indicates that you are only interested in that which benefits you.
    No mention I see of Israel. Given the recent European hardening of hearts against the victims of the worst ever violence perpetrated by an allegedly civilised country, they too might look askance at this suggestion.