What Was REALLY the First World War in Modern History?

Frederick the GreatThe Seven Years’ War (1756–1763).

It involved every European major power except the Ottoman Empire. It was fought in Europe, the Caribbean, North and South America, West Africa, the Philippines and India.

It was started by Prussia’s Frederick the Great’s unprovoked aggression on Austria. The conflict split Europe into two coalitions: one consisting of the U.K., Prussia, Portugal, Hanover and, the other, France, Austria, Russia, Spain and Sweden.

The war established Prussia as a great power. France lost Quebec, its position as the strongest military power in Europe and the supremacy of the seas.

It is assumed – this is guesswork – that there were altogether one million casualties.


2 responses to “What Was REALLY the First World War in Modern History?

  1. The answer to your question depends, arguably, on your definition of “modern”!

  2. Thomas T. Schweitzer

    Frederic the Great called the Seven Years’ War his War against the Three Whores (meaning La Pompadour, the mistress of the Mistress of Louis XV of France, Catherine (the Great) of Russia and Maria Theresa of Austria (most unjustly calumniated thus: she was in love with her husband and bore him sixteen children (!) How she managed this and was also a highly effective ruler is a miracle in itself.