The Media Versus Trump

Source: Lee Siegel in Columbia Journalism Review, January 13

Extract from the essay “In the story of Trump, there is no story”:

…When the very nature of the man is contradictory and self-undermining, it is difficult to contradict or undermine him. The media cannot use a narrative woven out of the truth – e.g., the integrity of the country depends on the integrity of its elected officials – in order to expose lies that are composed of fragments. It is like trying to use water to remove an oil stain.


4 responses to “The Media Versus Trump

  1. David Schatzky

    On the other hand, good old-fashioned gutsy in-depth investigative reporting might help. Research, digging, going to multiple sources, and not relying solely on news conferences, will go a long way to revealing that the Emperor has no clothes, stolen clothes and dirty clothes.

  2. Michael Gundy

    Let’s just be patient. We know that this will end badly, truth will eventually prevail and we might enjoy being entertained. We also hope that no real damage will occur.

  3. mike holliday

    Just a wee bit late I fear.
    Everyone, and I mean everyone in America, knew that the President Elect was dreadfully flawed – and they voted for him.
    It says something about the mental and moral capacity of the majority of Americans.

  4. That would be the minority of Americans.