Reflections on the Enigmatic Friendship Between Trump and Putin

trump-and-putin-on-horsebackSooner or later we will find out how this friendship began, which of the two was the first to say nice things about the other – Trump praising Putin’s leadership qualities or Putin calling Trump brilliant and talented. Cartoonists and composers of satire are probably so shaken by the election that so far they have not chosen this subject for any major effort.

The German paper Die Zeit published an ironical piece under the title “An Exclusive Friendship” (Zeit online, January 19). It refers to photo montages on the Internet of Putin and Trump on horseback, Putin with his chest exposed, riding across the Russian steppe, with Vladimir holding the reins and Donald with his arms around Vladimir’s waist. We were also told that they would appear on stage in a performance of a didactic play about Male Friendship, stressing tenderness, honour and pride.

American media, we learned, were preparing features about their “bromance” [romance between brothers].


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