The Trump Freeze: Further Responses

The 7 pm hourly local CBC News on January 29 described the countries affected by Donald Trump’s ban – people from seven “Muslim-speaking nations.”

The New York Times editorial, January 30:

…The unrighteousness of this new policy should be enough to prompt the courts, Congress and responsible members of Mr. Trump’s cabinet to reverse it immediately. But there is an even more compelling reason: it is extremely dangerous. Extremist groups will trumpet this order to spread the notion, today more credible than ever, that the United States is at war with Islam rather than targeting terrorists. They want nothing more than a fearful, recklessly belligerent America; so, if anything, this ban will heighten their efforts to strike at Americans, to provoke yet further overreaction from a volatile and inexperienced president….

The New Yorker online, January 30:

…The media reported what was happening, prompting Trump to go on another online tirade, in which he suggested that someone should buy the Times and “run it properly” or close it down….


6 responses to “The Trump Freeze: Further Responses

  1. Recent articles posted on consider, with chilling plausibility, whether the first-week flurry of superficially inept and wingy executive orders is instead well-calculated to test the vulnerability of the US government system of checks and balances to an authoritarian transformation. For example, “The Immigration Ban is a Headfake” and “Trial Balloon for a Coup?” .

  2. Then came a article with a go-a-step-further outlook that both steadies, and alerts. It gives a focus for resisting destructive actions, and for strengthening democratic resilience. The tension is between a socially-blind individual and his gang, and the institutions and norms that are grown, strengthened and groomed by people purposely acting in concert in a society, as a society.

    “How much of this [presidential activity] is part of a master plan and how much is just flailing?… Multiple theories fit the facts….An authoritarian’s success is determined by circumstance, not intent…What will happen next depends not on Trump, but on America’s courts, the military, Congress, civil society, journalism. Their strength, not his, will determine how this story ends.”

    Trump isn’t an evil genius. And that’s not what matters anyway.

  3. Deluded Donald with his crown
    Is sure he’s running every town
    But someone else’s master plannin’
    Has him a Trojan Ass for Bannon