Erdoğan’s Calculated Escalation Tactics

Source: Duma, Bulgaria, March 11

Turkish government representatives are continually taking part in rallies, demonstrations and meetings with the Turkish diaspora in the various European countries. A double strategy is behind this: on the one hand Ankara wants to show that it hasn’t forgotten its fellow citizens who live abroad. On the other it wants to show Europe that it has its tentacles everywhere.

It’s no coincidence that Erdoğan has repeatedly menaced the EU as he’s doing now. Everything points to the Turkish president seeking open confrontation and to escalate the conflict. There’s only one explanation: he’s desperately trying to make the Turks believe that Europe is their enemy.

Source: De Telegraaf, Netherlands, March 11

The Netherlands must remain firm now, the right-wing daily De Telegraaf demands: “Ankara’s angry reaction is unbelievable. A raging President Erdoğan compares our country with Nazis, threatens us with sanctions and demands apologies because we turned away two Turkish ministers who were sent here to make trouble.

“Sultan” Erdoğan has clearly lost the plot. Turkey should apologise for its shameless insults and interference in our country. Now we must come down on it. This is the only language the Turks understand…. Prime Minister Rutte wants to de-escalate the situation. But Erdoğan’s long arm must be chopped off. Turkey’s continuous interference is hindering the integration of Dutch-Turks.


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