China versus Islam

Source: Al Jazeera, March 12

China’s ruling Communist Party has hardened its rhetoric on Islam, with top officials making repeated warnings about the specter of global religious “extremism” seeping into the country, and the need to protect traditional Chinese identity.

Shaerheti Ahan, a top party official in Xinjiang, on Sunday became the latest official from a predominantly Muslim region to warn political leaders gathered in Beijing that the “international anti-terror situation” is destabilizing China.


One response to “China versus Islam

  1. Do not know what may have changed since I visited the Muslim China, including Urumji in the Summer 2015. Urumji then was a mix of occidentals and oriental Chinese in a multi-cultural, multilingual, and multi religion melange with considerable cross-border movement with “Stans”. State institutions celebrated diversity and international ties. Grand Mosque parking garage was shared with the French supermarket chain Carefour’. Headscarfed women of all descriptions sharing sidewalks with would be teen models and would be frat boys. Mosque security light. There were issues (schools, money, jobs, autonomy, police profiling) but line seemed to be that this too was China; Apparent comfortable mixing contrasted sharply with Tibet.