Weimar Memories of Berlin — And a Reference to “Jules et Jim”

Full swing – a candlelit party at the Ballhaus in Mitte

Source: Vanessa Thorpe in The Guardian, March 26

…Last month, in a very chilly but sunny Berlin, I opened up a copy of Franz Hessel’s cult 1929 guidebook, Walking in Berlin: A Flâneur in the Capital, and, sure enough, the jaunty, literary tone of the book, now published in English for the first time, is like a private invitation back to the city’s most beguiling era.

Hessel had an appetite for cafe culture and people-watching, although his own life was easily as colourful as the life he observed around him. His open relationship with his wife, fellow writer Helen Grund, inspired Henri-Pierre Roché’s famous ménage-a-trois novel Jules et Jim. He was, to use his preferred French term, a flâneur – a man of means at ease in the cosmopolitan hub of Weimar Germany….


One response to “Weimar Memories of Berlin — And a Reference to “Jules et Jim”

  1. I love the word flaneur, and hope I am thought of as one, perhaps a feckless flaneur.