Xi Jinping: The Illusion of Greatness

Source: Ian Johnson in The New York Review of Books, March 17

…Xi Jinping came to power offering a similarly broad range of reforms and pledging to “rejuvenate” China. But his measures have been limited to the classic nationalist-authoritarian-traditionalist playbook. After five years of Xi, his main accomplishments seem to have been to consolidate his power while satisfying people’s desire for social change through crackdowns and promoting traditionalism. The problem is that these efforts come at the expense of actual reforms….


One response to “Xi Jinping: The Illusion of Greatness

  1. Elisabeth Ecker

    China is planning to invest $2 to $3 trillion a year in infrastructure in emerging markets in central and southern Asia and Africa. There are already $800 to $900 billion worth of projects underway and planned. Apparently, this it is at least 12 times the size of the Marshall Plan. Like the Marshal Plan it is not only altruism, but also an attempt to keep its workers employed while China transitions to a less industrial and more consumer-driven economy. This is certainly an expression of soft power. The full article is in December 15, 2016 issue of Fortune magazine