The Young Don’t Want a Return to the Nation State

Source: Die Presse, Austria, March 24

Will the EU exist for another 60 years? No one can know for sure the answer to this question, but there is certainly hope – and it comes mainly from the younger generation.

As most surveys in the different countries show, it is above all the older generation that tends towards Euro-scepticism. Among other things the Brexit vote in the UK, in which a majority of the young voted to remain in the EU, has shown this.

And in the countries of Eastern Europe where anti-EU sentiment is very strong there is a younger generation that thinks European. Many of them have grown up being able to cross most borders unhindered: they have tasted the freedom of being able to study or start their first job wherever they choose in Europe…. This generation, which is gradually gaining more and more say in what goes on, won’t allow nationalist blockers to take its freedoms away.


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