Two Conflicting Views about the Chemical Attack in Syria

Source: Frankfurter Rundschau, Germany, April 4
Assad is confident that no one will touch him now that the United States has officially dropped his removal from its Middle East strategy. The ruling clique in Syria promptly interpreted this freshly announced change of course under US President Donald Trump as a carte blanche to annihilate the remaining population on Syrian soil. Assad and his regime needn’t fear international pressure. With this constellation it’s no wonder peace is not an option for Assad.

Source: La Stampa, Italy, April 4
The incident is as unexpected as it is absurd. Unexpected because once the agreement [of 2014] came into force it hadn’t ever been violated and there should have been no more nerve gases in this part of the Middle East. Absurd because it is incomprehensible why the Assad regime would commit such a heinous, spectacular and illegal crime now that the war, whose outcome seemed uncertain for years, seems to be slowly but inexorably drawing to an end in Damascus’s favour…. And do we really believe the Syrian armed forces could take the decision to carry out a bomb attack of this kind without first informing their Russian ally, who was the driving force and the guarantor of the agreement that banned chemical weapons in Syria? That is definitely inconceivable.


2 responses to “Two Conflicting Views about the Chemical Attack in Syria

  1. Elisabeth Ecker

    It does not make sense that Assad was responsible for the chemical attack, but it makes a lot of sense for somebody else committing this crime and blaming it on Assad. Especially now when there is a possibility that Assad stays in power. This is an old military trick used many times.

  2. Will Trump’s apparent revulsion over the horrific killing of innocents be enough for him (and others) to understand that these victims are the same kind of people to whom he wants to refuse sanctuary, as refugees?