Is Canada the First Post-National State?

No, writes Jack Granatstein, in The Globe and Mail (April 6) in a column titled “Canadians should not be ashamed of their history.”

…The Prime Minister believes that we have a “pan-cultural heritage.” There is, he has said, “no core identity, no mainstream in Canada…. [It’s] the first post-national state.”

This, I suggest, is utter nonsense. Canada’s success, Canada’s glory, has come about because we remain firmly part of Western Civilization, because we have brought in peoples from all over the globe and made them part of us. We would be better Canadians if we taught our history to our newcomers and our native-born but, at the very least, we all absorb the tenets of freedom and democracy in the air we breathe. That matters, and Canadians who fought and died for those core attributes of our civilization left us a legacy of which we can and should be proud.


One response to “Is Canada the First Post-National State?

  1. Michael Gundy

    We are a parliamentary governed liberal democracy ruled by common law. We share these institutions often without acknowledgement, just as a fish does not know that it swims in water.

    “You never know your own culture unless you have experienced another.” Margaret Mead.

    Justin, my boy, please step back and reconsider your remark. Its bunk!