The French Election: A Warning from Switzerland

Source: Neue Zürcher Zeitung, April 24

The ultranationalist Marine Le Pen is now on the doorstep of the Elysée Palace. She’s a woman with a clear profile. Even if she says she’s neither left nor right, her basic stance is on the far right of the political spectrum: the strong state gives the orders, it’s the people’s job to obey. There’s little room for freedom or personal responsibility….

The polls are predicting a clear defeat for Le Pen in the second round of these presidential elections on May 7. But the “Front républicain” against the far right can no longer be relied on and a victory for Le Pen is now possible – if enough conservatives defect to her camp and a sufficient number of disappointed leftists abstain from voting. To beat Le Pen in a convincing way, Macron will have to sharpen his profile. It’s not enough just to look nice.


One response to “The French Election: A Warning from Switzerland

  1. mike holliday

    And the problem is…?
    The last time I heard France was a democracy. You win elections by gaining more votes than your opponent. You might intensely dislike Marine Le Pen’s politics, but unless your views are shared by the majority of French people who vote, you could find the country run by an ultranationalist.
    That’s not Marine Le Pen’s fault. She’s left no one in doubt as to her leanings.
    It might be the `fault’ of an intolerant electorate, but it is more likely to be the `fault’ of established, traditional political parties which have protected corrupt individuals and also failed to develop and implement policies that meet the needs of the people.