A Kind Word about Donald Trump

Source: Simon Jenkins in The Guardian, April 28

So Kim Jong-un is just a 27-year-old millennial for whom it must have been “very hard” to lead his country at such an age. His ally, China’s president Xi Jinping, is a “very good man who I got to know really well and loves his country”. He is trying hard to resolve the “very difficult” Korean crisis. Of course Xi “doesn’t want to see turmoil and death and would like to do something to resolve things”. But “perhaps it’s possible he can’t”. So muses Donald Trump at the end of “opening bids” of his North Korean crisis….

North Korea is no property deal, but it is a diplomatic crisis conducted by a dealer. As such Trump appears to reveal a surprising emotional intelligence towards Kim and Xi. These are early days in the age of the Great Disrupter. But at least, here at the start, we have a sign of a man thinking like a human being.


4 responses to “A Kind Word about Donald Trump

  1. curmudgeon

    Both N.Korea’s Kim and the current so-called president of the Divided States of Trumpistan are dangerously unstable lunatics, and both have access to nukes. g*d help us.

  2. Horace Krever

    He has invited Duterte to the White House but has not suggested where he might meet Kim. Is it possible that he is considering privatizing Camp David?

  3. As ’emotional intelligence’ goes, this example reminds me of the old joke about a man coaching his friend to be less abrupt and to say nice things, and the friend blurts out to the next woman he meets “you don’t sweat much for a fat person”. As I explained to someone recently: “why should China help the US and possibly end up making South Korea even stronger”. And if T**** does attack North Korea, then the US will owe China something big – and the South China Sea and Taiwan may suffer. Trump has said it’s a chess game. I can’t imagine him playing chess very well.

  4. Styra Avins

    “sign of a man thinking like a human being”? “emotional intelligence” What kind of naïve, unsophisticated thinking is that? Firstly, Trump thinks off the cuff and aloud, without reflection. What he says at one time means nothing for the next. His thinking is not informed by any depth of understanding. His quote about Xi JinPing is a perfect example. “He’s a really nice guy, he loves his country”? For heaven’s sake, who can take that as a serious understanding of China’s president? For a far better understanding of who and what Trump means, and the possible consequences of his actions, I highly recommend David Remnick’s article in the New Yorker:
    People who think they can relax about Trump are a danger to themselves, and to the rest of us.