Fake News Déjà Vu

Source: The New York Review of Books, May 25

In an essay titled “The Inventor of the Presidency,” Gordon S. Wood writes:

…There were narrow-minded opponents of the new government – “disappointed expectants and malignant designing characters” – Washington called them. These “political mountebanks were trying to undermine the Constitution without giving it a chance.” At the same time, Washington continued, “increasing numbers of newspapers were spreading scurrility & malignant declamation and poisoning public opinion with falsehoods.”


2 responses to “Fake News Déjà Vu

  1. mike holliday

    I fear this has more to do with the nature of humans and their approach to government than it does to events in the US today – or in the past.
    The same holds true for the majority of newspapers, many of which were established by individuals seeking to promote their beliefs and to make money.
    Even if it does have relevance today, dare I ask on which side do you think stands the Trump administration?

  2. “Scurrility”! Great word.