The Last Post

Sooner or later, after nearly eight years without missing a day, the end had to come. Even during surgery, my duty came first. For all I know, the North Korean elite has depended on me. Not to mention all the others. No more procrastination. This is it.

First posting: September 7, 2009
Postings: 2,017
Total all time views: 256,564
Total all time comments: 5,858
Best ever views: 509 on June 13, 2013

Without my son Tony’s supervisory and technical participation none of this would have been possible.

And thank you, too, WordPress.

Eric Koch


24 responses to “The Last Post

  1. Susan Doherty

    It has been such a joy to read your blog every day. I shall miss getting this daily look at the world through your lens. Many thanks!

  2. From Eric


    • David Schatzky

      What I meant to say is Eric, your dogged blogging was unflagging and kept my mental tail a-wagging. : )
      A special word of appreciation to Tony, too.
      Danke sehr to you both!

  3. Styra Avins

    I’ll miss your blog, but I know your phone number!! You are an inspiration and a joy, and not only to me.
    Lots of love via the ether,
    and thanks, Tony.

  4. curmudgeon (Charles Small)

    Eric! I shall miss Sketches terribly. In complete confidence that you will ignore my advice and do exactly as you think best, may I humbly suggest that you consider a once-or-twice-a- week schedule instead of quitting cold turkey? Some of us are Sketches addicts, and tapering off might be easier on us… In any case, I am sure you will find other outlets for your apparently boundless energy, and I wish you all good things.

  5. Paul Gaffney

    You say you’re quitting but I don’t believe you. Or, rather, I don’t want to believe you. But, on the off chance you’re serious — thank you, thank you, thank you. And be well.

  6. No, no, no, thank YOU, Eric

  7. King Townsend

    With unqualified gratitude for an amazing run. A treat for us every day!

  8. Horace Krever

    “The end of history.” Ave atque vale and many thanks.

  9. Thanks for everything Eric. Will miss it, but will see you and read you, again and again.

  10. Morry Kernerman

    I am so grateful to you, dear Eric, for enriching my life with your daily blog.. Reading it has been as much a part of my morning routine as my cup of tea. Please leave the door open–even a little bit..

  11. I’m very sad. How I’ll miss those little bursts of enlightenment and wit that appeared on my computer screen every morning at 9:05! But I understand that you are taking up new intellectual challenges and need time for them. I wish you great success in your new endeavours …and in everything else. Thank you very much!.

  12. Anna Whitley

    Dearest Eric
    I too will miss your blog terribly. It has been a joy!
    Tony thank you too.
    Big hugs xoxo Anna

  13. Alison Eisinger

    Dear Eric – I agree with the curmudgeon above, as well as with my mother Styra! I enjoy your blog and your personal musings and deep historical perspective very much, and I thank you – and hope that you will consider a more occasional schedule, so as not to disapoint your fans of all ages and wide geographic dispersion! With warm regards from Seattle, Alison Eisinger

  14. mike holliday

    Eric, I agree with all the above. Many times I have been intrigued, enlightened and stimulated by your Sketches. You will leave a large gap.

  15. Gwen Burrows

    I will miss your blog, Eric, your unique voice, and your wry observations. with love. Gwen

  16. Fred Langan


    Thank you for all your offbeat and intelligent postings. Like Desmond Smith’s Monday night parties, your blog can’t be replaced.

    I await your next project.


  17. ..just like looking up to the sky for a never fading sparking star in the era of ‘alternative facts’.

  18. Peter Rehak

    It was always interesting. It will be missed!

  19. Linda Lapointe

    Hi Eric, My friend Frauke got me to read your blog a couple of years ago and I loved it. So thank you so much for doing this and drawing my attention to articles I wouldn’t normally read. I can’t think of one blog that I didn’t agree with. Good luck with whatever you do next.

  20. Oh Professor. It’s been a privilege – ever since “The Politics of Canadian Broadcasting” at York in 89. It was a joy running into you again at York in 2013 I think (I heard you in the hall as I was reading Sketches at that very moment on my computer screen.) You’re “one of those guys” who will always invoke a memory of better, wiser angels. Thank you for Sketches – it’s been a gift.

  21. What Susan said.

  22. Elisabeth Ecker

    It seems everything has been said. I will miss sketches terribly. They were the spark in my life. Maybe if you come across something you just have to share we might see another blog?
    Thanks Eric

  23. I will miss you online too, Eric. But see you soon in person. …